Electric Heater Bundles and Inline Process Heaters

Standard and custom heating elements

Extremely high efficiency – theoretically electric heaters convert 100% of supplied electricity to heat energy with no losses. Highly flexible. High turndown ratio helps cut down energy consumption when it is not required.Precise temperature control. Low thermal inertia –  hence highly responsive to process demands, quick to start and shutdown.Low maintenance. Cheaper insurance spares – If required a replacement electric heater bundle may be kept by the plant operator as spare for quick turnaround in case of down time. No moving parts Small footprint

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More about electric heaters

Owing to their basic design and construction, no special area has to be earmarked for electric heaters and they can be installed virtually anywhere in the plant. In classified hazardous area, heaters can be installed in zone 1 classified areas. Moreover, electric heaters are compact and being electrical equipment, no special interfaces or sensors are required to integrate them into the plant control or building management system. Sophisticated technologies, and in-built and simple to operate, programmable safety mechanisms and interlocks ensure smooth operation, even from long distances. The alternative to electric heating is of course fuel based systems that may run on fuels like natural gas, diesel, HFO etc. Though they may seem to cheaper at the outset, any decision on which energy source to use should be accompanied by the following considerations. 

A step towards moving to a non-fossil fuel economy

Cheaper to install

Can be installed anywhere in the plant, hence no special civil structure required to house them

Electric heaters do not require fuel supply linkages

There is no waste

There is no pollution

Price of fuel depends on many external factors like crude oil prices, currency exchange rates, government policies etc. Electric heaters insulate the user from these variable costs, as the cost of electricity does not fluctuate as wildly

No environmental clearance required


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