Electric Heater Bundles and Inline Process Heaters

Electric Heater Bundles and Inline Process Heaters

     Key Features

  • Suitable for use upto 600 °C, and up to 300 bar pressure
  • Selection from multiple material options
  • Flange ratings from 150# to 900#
  • Tank heaters available with removable core construction, allowing heater maintenance without draining tank
  • Heater bundles can be supplied both with or without shell, and heater bundle and shell assembly design as per ASME Sec. VII and TEMA
  • Process simulation on HTRI
  • Single bundles upto 1MW (1000 kW)
  • Helium Leak Testing available
  • “Enclosure with ingress protection upto IP65” in stainless steel and powder coated M.S.


Electric heater bundles are an assembly of multiple heating elements welded to a flange and provided with an electrical enclosure. The heater is installed in a shell or a tank or a vessel and thermal energy is passed on to the process media through the principle of convection. The terminals are enclosed in a metallic terminal enclosure for protection of electrical connections. Telelec can design and supply electric heaters complete with shell and control panels, in accordance with the applicable national, international standards. Both safe area and Ex’d’ classified hazardous area products are available.

Product Certification

A Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin, also known as a Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin, is a specified document certifying the country.
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Electric Heater Bundles and Inline Process Heaters




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