Why Electric Heaters

Electric heaters vs fired heaters

Electric heating is a viable and industry established alternative to fuel-based heating systems that run on natural gas, diesel, HFO, etc., generally called “Fired” heaters.

Although these systems may seem cheaper to operate at the outset, a decision on which energy source to use to fulfil your process heating requirements should consider the following: 

  • With a 100% energy conversion rate from electricity to thermal energy, electric heaters are highly efficient
  • Electric heaters do not require fuel supply linkages, and electric heaters insulate the user from the volatility of fuel costs
  • No waste or smoke dispose and no environmental or sound pollution means no environmental clearance or statutory compliance required for their installation
  • Highly responsive to process requirement, quick to start and quick to stop, electric heaters have low thermal inertia and offer precise and sensitive temperature control
  • Electric heating systems have a small footprint and can be installed at almost any location within the plant premises
  • A step ahead in moving towards a non-fossil fuel economy
  • Safe to install, operate and maintain

A 420kW Electric Air Heater installed at a client location.