Electric Heater Bundles and Inline Process Heaters

Heater Control Panels

Any electric heater is as good as the system that controls it, and for that very reason, we hold in house capability for the design and manufacture of quality heater control panels that complement our electric heaters.

Control can be contactor based ON-OFF type or thyristor based infinitely variable control.

We understand various communications protocols like RS 485, MODBUS, PROFIBUS, etc and can provide a state of the art solution that integrates seamlessly with your intelligent plant control system.

Due to extensive installation base, we understand electric heater safety and can advise and recommend various safety features required for safe and reliable operation of your electric heating equipment.


Electric heater bundles are an assembly of multiple heating elements welded to a flange and provided with an electrical enclosure.

The immersion side of the heater is specifically designed for the media in which it will be used and whether it is flowing or not.

Thermal energy is passed on to the process media through the principle of convection.

The heater may also be supplied with a custom designed pressure vessel to the process parameters.

Also available with Ex’d’ certificate (gas group IIA/IIB as well as gas group IIC)

Single bundles upto 1MW (1000 kW)

Direct and indirect immersion (removable core type) constructions

Pressure vessel mechanical and seismic design on PVElite, ASME “U” stamp possible

Process design on HTRI & TEMA

Various material options available as standard

Upto 300 bar pressures

Helium Leak Testing available